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Stationary Professional Services

Payment solutions for your office

Take speedy, efficient payments from customers directly with solutions designed for the needs of your office or workplace. Our payment terminals allow your clients to make card payments in-person in your office, while our Pay By Link service lets you issue a convenient email link to our payment gateway. Our solutions represent a way to reduce administrative time and costs, and enhance the experience for everyone.

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Increase payment efficiency

Handling customer payments in an office environment can be a time-consuming process. Our terminals are designed to make your life easier: take payments directly from customers at your workplace, without having to pass card details between departments. Ideal for insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants and public service organisations, our solutions will help you reduce administration and processing costs, and streamline the payment experience.

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Enhance customer convenience

Pay By Link allows you to facilitate payment outside the office by sending a link to your payment gateway via email. No need for customers and clients to visit the office, or for you to visit them: customers pay by clicking the link included in their email and entering their card data into the secure payment page. Quick, convenient payments for customers in any location, in any part of the world.

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Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is a completely browser-based payment solution that enables quick, easy payments over the phone. Quick to set up, easy to implement and use, Virtual Terminal involves no hardware or software integration: simply login via your browser and enter customers’ card details into the secure payment page. Virtual Terminal is designed for convenience and security: no need to write down customer card data or pass data between departments.

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No time like the present

Ready to get started? We are, too.

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Payments solutions to power your business


Choose payment terminals to suit the size and structure of your business’ infrastructure, and your customers’ needs. We offer wired and wireless terminals, with a wide range of add-on features and the capability to accept contactless and mobile wallet payments.

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Our payment gateways connect with your existing web infrastructure through a variety of seamless integration options. Easy to navigate and use, the gateways are brand customisable to ensure a consistent online experience.

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Payment Security

Whether you’re installing our payment terminals in the office or integrating payment gateways online, we’ll protect your customers’ data with sophisticated P2PE encryption and tokenisation measures. Our solutions are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

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We’ll keep your payment solution running smoothly: access our 24/7 support team to address issues and challenges, and consult with a dedicated relationship manager to ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology and help you get ready for regulatory changes.

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Payment Reliability

Rely on us to keep your payments solution optimised for every customer, in the office and online. Our payment gateways operate with industry-leading reliability, and we'll have funds in your account as quickly as the next day.