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Venues and tourist attractions

When visitors come to see the sights, give them a payment experience that goes beyond their expectations. From booking online to buying souvenirs, we help venues and tourist attractions of every size to implement payment solutions that fit their surroundings and connect them with their visitors, in-person and online, at home or around the world.

Streamline payments for every visitor

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Effortless bookings

Let your visitors book tickets anytime, from anywhere in the world, with a hosted payment gateway for online bookings that’s integrated seamlessly with your existing website.

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Enhance the experience

Add convenience and efficiency to your visitors’ in-person payment experience: use wired and wireless terminals for retail sales in any part of the premises, add a variety of cashless options to reduce queues, and integrate convenient currency conversion for your overseas customers.

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Cafés and restaurants

Give guests every food or drink payment option they’d expect outside your venue: link terminals and tills with sophisticated ePOS technology to facilitate speedy, flexible sales in your cafés, restaurants or any food-service settings.

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phone payment

Phone payments

From advice and information to arranging group trips, visitors might call your attraction for any number of reasons. We’ll get you ready to take bookings over the phone, quickly and conveniently.

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Payments designed for tourist attractions

Faster Payments. Your money, your way

Every Payment Need Covered

Create your attraction’s payment solution from the ground up. We’ll provide installation services and staff training, process your transactions fast, and have funds in your account as early as the next day. 


Connect the Payment Journey

Our services connect every stage of the payment journey: let visitors browse for tickets, book and pay online, and purchase from your gift store, café or restaurant during the visit. 


Payment Reliability and Speed

From enhancing year-round performance to peak-season support, we’ll process your payments in seconds and with industry-leading gateway reliability rates.


Payment Security and Support

Access our 24/7 support team for help with any payment issue, and protect your visitors’ data with P2PE encryption and tokenisation measures certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Payment products for every attraction

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Online Bookings

Accept bookings from anywhere at any time. Our online payment gateways integrate with your existing website and accept all major cards or PayPal payments. Customise your gateway with branding and logos to ensure a consistent online experience.

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Retail and Food

The talech™ and Poynt ePOS systems give your attraction incredible payments power, linking the payments journey from terminal to till seamlessly. Sell souvenirs from the gift shop or serve food and drink, while accepting card, contactless and mobile wallet payments.

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Over the Phone

Be ready to take booking payments when visitors call over the phone: Virtual Terminal is an in-browser payments system that simply lets your staff login to a secure payments page, take customer information and process their payments quickly and conveniently.

Currency Conversion

Every tourist attraction has its share of overseas visitors: we’ll help you make their payment experience as comfortable and convenient as possible with DCC and MCC. Our currency-conversion systems display prices in customers’ home currencies, reducing the risk of chargebacks from unrecognised amounts.

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Tax-Free Shopping

Give your international customers the added convenience of being able to make tax-free purchases when they visit you. Our tax-free payment solutions can identify eligible customers when they pay, and automatically print the tax-claim form they need to recover tax when they return home.

Open your attraction to the world

Create your tourist attraction’s ideal payment solution today.

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