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Payment solutions for a perfect stay

Guests expect their stay at your hotel to be comfortable and relaxing, and for seamless payments to be part of that experience. Hospitality's unique demands mean your payment solutions must be convenient, flexibile and secure. So, whether you're processing a pre-authorisation, offering customers the choice to pay in their own currency or processing express check-out online, in-person or over the phone, let us take care of your payment needs while you focus on a great guest experience.

Smoother payments, better experiences

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From check-in to check-out

As one of the leading payment providers to your industry, we offer payment solutions tailored to the unique needs of the hotel sector. Create a streamlined payment experience for your guests at all stages in the journey from online booking and guest check-in, to the restaurant, bar or spa, all the way through check-out. 

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Delight guests

Offering Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to your international guests enables them to pay in their local currency and to know the exact amount they will see on their card statement. For you, it means increased revenue as you will receive a rebate for each DCC transaction. We provide staff training and have point-of-sale marketing materials available. Easily track your DCC performance on your statement, which you can access online anytime via our customer portal, Elavon Connect

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Security you can rely on

Data fraud can cost you more than money - it can damage the trust your customers have in you. All our payment solutions are developed to meet the highest industry security standards. We are Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Compliant and hold ISO 27001 certification. We’ll provide your business with a PCI consultant to make sure your solution is always safe and secure.

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Pre-authorisation made simple

Manage pre-authorisations from your guests to secure bookings and protect your income. Our terminals will enable you to process pre-authorisation quickly and easily. 

With you from setup to settlement

Faster Payments. Your money, your way

Effortless Payments

We help hotels of every size, from international chains to family-owned businesses. Avail of tailored solutions that integrate with the leading hospitality platforms for a streamlined payment process. 


Easy Integration

To help you get started, our engineers will install and train your staff with the latest terminal technology, enabling you to process every transaction with speed and efficiency.

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Support and Reliability

Keep your hotel running and your customers happy: access 24/7 support to overcome payment challenges and consult dedicated relationship managers to anticipate business trends.


Payment Security

Protect guests’ data at every stage of the payment journey. We use P2PE digital encryption, secure storage and tokenisation to protect data: all our security measures are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Payments products to make every stay better

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Give your guests the power to book and pay online for their stay at your hotel. Our hosted payment gateways integrate seamlessly with your existing web infrastructure: accept payments from all major cards quickly and securely, and customise your payment gateway with your hotel’s logo and branding.


Serve food and drinks, run bar-tabs and offer room service: our state-of-the-art ePOS systems connect with payment terminals and link every aspect of your hotel’s in-person payments journey with a suite of add-ons, such as stock management, table planning and staff rota features.

Currency Conversion

Make international customers as comfortable as possible during their stay with currency-conversion tools, which let them see prices in their home currencies. DCC and MCC convert prices online and in-person, meaning less confusion and fewer chargebacks when statements arrive. 

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Bookings by Phone

Use Virtual Terminal to take payments from customers over the phone. Easy to implement and use, Virtual Terminal is an in-browser solution that allows staff to input card details quickly and securely. For the guests who prefer the comfort of making their booking by phone, it’s the ideal solution.


Access a suite of analytics and reporting features to gain a holistic view of your hotel’s payments offering, and optimise the experience for your guests. Elavon Connect offers real-time web reporting across every channel and device, and helps you manage payment across multiple locations.

Relationship Managers

Consult with dedicated relationship managers on every aspect of your payment solution. Our relationship managers are here to assist you, helping you get the most out of your technology, analysing your payment reports or updating you on scheme compliance or commercial matters.

Welcome your new payments process

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