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Payment efficiency and security for the public sector

Local and national-level government entities face unique payment processing challenges, not least handling a variety of compliance and accountability obligations. We have over 25 years’ experience managing payments in the public sector and we design our solutions to put security and efficiency first. We’ll help you not only navigate the complexities of public-sector payments, but reduce your administrative burden and streamline the payment journey for everyone involved.

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Complex payments, made easy

We’ll simplify the challenges and reduce the cost of processing public-sector payments. With 25 years’ industry experience, we’re a go-to acquirer for local and national government agencies: implement solutions designed to reduce your administrative burden by accelerating payments and improving fund availability. Our solutions also reduce collection costs and boost cashflow with speedy processing and next-day funding.  

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Protection and compliance

In government, protecting payment data is a crucial priority. We work with governments in a variety of capacities, building solutions on extensive PCI expertise, which includes AML, cybersecurity and fraud-prevention regulations. We’ll help you to keep appraised of the latest compliance requirements and to spot gaps in security, before implementing a solution that keeps your department and its payments safe. We’ll also protect you at an institutional level by improving the audit trail and reducing payment delinquencies.

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Choice and flexibility

Our payment solutions deliver a range of options for both your governmental agency and the people who need to make payments to it. Install wired and wireless terminals linked with sophisticated ePOS systems to streamline in-person payments. Convert prices to different currencies to facilitate international payments, and use detailed reporting and analytics to fine-tune your payment process going forward.

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Recurring payments

From taxes and licences to parking permits and travelcards, government agencies need to take recurring payments for a wide variety of reasons. Our solutions are built to facilitate recurring payments conveniently and efficiently, storing card data on file as secure tokens which can be retrieved and processed quickly and without administrative hassle.

Fast, secure, reliable payments

ePOS Systems

Take payments directly with terminals installed in the office or service counter and linked to your POS. Our wired and wireless terminals include the Ingenico, talech™ and Poynt systems. They can be customised with a range of add-ons and scaled to fit the size and structure of your office or department.  

Payment Analytics

Payment Analytics

Add efficiency to your entire payment offering: access a dashboard of payment information and use detailed reporting and analytics to improve your process. Consult dedicated relationship managers to anticipate regulatory changes and optimise your technology.

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Next-Day Funding

Our solutions are secure, responsive and reliable. We process card transactions in a matter of seconds and will have funds in your account as soon as the next day. Fast, simple payment processing designed to reduce your workload and enhance your service.

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Public-Sector Security

Payment security is paramount in every government setting. We cover every aspect of the payment process: our solutions are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and employ a range of cutting-edge protections, including P2PE encryption, safe storage and tokenisation. 

Currency Conversion

There are plenty of contexts in which government agencies must take payments in international currencies. Make the process simpler and more convenient for everyone by using DCC and MCC, which display costs and allow settlement in a variety of currencies.

Transform the payment process

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