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Secure, flexible, convenient - payment solutions in a different class

As technology makes the world a smaller place, educational institutions must accommodate students who expect the latest technology and flexible payment services. Surpass your students' expectations by offering clear and convenient online payment options, a cashless campus and secure payment processes from anywhere and at any time - while your school or college reaps the benefits of DCC rebates. 

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Security, efficiency, protection

We understand the importance of data management and securing student information. Our solutions offer robust management and security processes, as well as encryption services to protect your data. We'll make sure you can securely accommodate payments from students in any location, while ensuring you're compliant with GDPR and PCI requirements and protected from potentially fraudulent practices.

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eCommerce solutions for flexibility and convenience

Accept payments however and wherever students want to pay: develop a cashless campus and accept all major cards, contactless payments and mobile wallet payments. Take payments directly from terminals in campus restaurants, offices and shops, or integrate a hosted gateway with your existing website to facilitate online payments at any time, from anywhere.

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Value-added services and support

Integrate a range of add-ons to expand your solution's functionality, including loyalty options and Dynamic Currency Conversion in over 60 currencies to enable international Visa and MasterCard holders to pay student fees in their own currency. We'll help ensure your educational institution is a class act, while you're supported by our dedicated relationship managers: we deliver ongoing support to help you get the most out of your payment solutions. 

Fast, flexible, secure payments

ePOS systems

Implement sophisticated ePOS systems that put you in complete control of the payment journey. Take payments directly with wired and wireless terminals linked seamlessly with your POS and capable of accepting card and contactless payments. Our industry-leading technology is designed to scale to fit the size and shape of your administrative infrastructure.

Payment gateways

Connect with students anywhere, anytime, by integrating our hosted payment gateways with your website. Customisable with your educational institution’s branding, our online payment gateways offer exceptional reliability and processing speeds, and build greater end-to-end efficiency and flexibility into the payment experience.

Currency conversion

Make the payment process easier for international students or visitors to your college or university by letting them see prices in their home currencies. Our Multi-Currency Conversion and Dynamic Currency Conversion systems display prices at current exchange rates, and also allow Mastercard and Visa customers to settle in their home currencies. 

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Secured by Elavon

We understand how important payment security is to educational institutions, so we protect payments with cutting-edge P2PE digital encryption, safe storage and tokenisation, certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. We’re trusted by 1.3 million customers worldwide and backed by U.S. Bank, one of the world’s most ethical companies. 

Analytics and reporting

Our best-in-class technology not only helps you boost efficiency, but also offers access to a suite of powerful analytics and reporting features. These can be used to fine-tune your payments infrastructure, appeal to student preferences and anticipate the effects of incoming regulation.

Top-class payment products

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