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Fast, secure payments. Any event.

Stadiums are fast paced, challenging places to serve food, so you’ll need a payment process that works perfectly with your surroundings. Our payments are built to handle food payments at even the busiest stadium events: speedy, secure payment processing to shorten queues, keep customers happy and keep your queues moving.

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Payment solutions for any event

From sporting events to rock concerts, whether you’re serving food from the bar, the counter or the kiosk, we implement payment solutions specially designed for the demands of stadiums. We’ll connect your payment journey from end-to-end: from installing equipment and training staff how to use it, to providing ongoing support and security to keep the process moving during demanding stadium events and peak service times.

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Fast, efficient payments

Keep your food, and the payment process, moving across the whole stadium: accept every major credit card, and contactless payments, on wired and wireless terminals seamlessly linked to your POS. We process payments in seconds and with exceptional gateway reliability. Our solutions let you manage payment data across multiple outlets, an ideal option for stadium food businesses with a number of on-site locations. 

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Implement industry-leading payment technology to handle the challenges and pressures of stadium food-service. Poynt smart terminals and ePOS link seamlessly for fast, secure payment processing in any corner of the stadium environment. Integrate a range of add-ons, including paper receipt printing, staff-rota planners and inventory management features, and take advantage of real-time sales reporting.

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Payment products to keep your business moving

Point of Sale (POS)

If you need to deal with high volumes of transactions with speed and flexibility, the Ingenico payment terminal is for you. Available in wired or wireless variations, the Ingenico’s functionality goes beyond the payment process and lets you add-on a range of useful sales, analytics and reporting features.

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Safety and Security

Stadiums are busy and crowded, so customers need to be able to pay with confidence. We provide additional protection to payments with Level 1 PCI DSS-certified measures: card data is digitally encrypted and disguised with tokenisation during the payment process.

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Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Plenty of stadiums receive international visitors: give overseas customers the convenience of paying in their home currencies. DCC ensures there are no unrecognised amounts on customer card statements, significantly reducing the risk of chargebacks.

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