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Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs

The payment experience customers expect

In restaurants, cafés and gastropubs, customers expect a payment process that complements their dining or drinking experience. From five-star restaurants to local coffee shops, we work to provide tailored payment solutions that reflect the style and atmosphere of their establishment. These include wireless smart terminals to take payments and tips at tables, as well as multifunctional ePOS integrating menu customisation, table planning, stock management features and more.

payment at the restaurant

Deliver better payment experiences

Your guests expect the payment process to match their drinking or dining experience. We’ll help you deliver on that expectation with a seamless, secure payment solution tailored to the style and size of your restaurant, café or gastropub. We’ll manage the payments journey end-to-end, including security and support, leaving you free to focus on serving your guests and growing your business.

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man making payment through smart watch

Pay at table

Use wireless smart terminals to take payments from customers at their tables in any part of your establishment. Our terminals link with your POS seamlessly, accepting all major credit cards and contactless payments, and incorporate a range of smart features, including tipping functionality and currency conversion.

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ePOS power and flexibility

Our payment technology brings more than just powerful payment processing to your business. It allows customers to order at table, split the bill and integrate an array of additional features designed for the specific challenges of the food industry: use your ePOS to track best-selling products, check stock, send orders to the kitchen, set staff rotas, manage table plans and more.

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Better payments. Better service.


The talech™ and Poynt ePOS systems are ideal for food and drink establishments: in addition to a swift, secure payment process, our systems connect the payment journey with a range of features, including order printing at the bar or in the kitchen, stock management and staff rota options, and a dashboard of reporting and analytics.

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Wireless Terminals

Build freedom into your payments solution with wireless terminals, including the powerful Ingenico Move: take payments at your bar, meet customers at their table or venture outside and accept payments al fresco. We’ll make sure your payment solution fits your business and your customers.

Currency Conversion

Give international customers the same confidence and convenience as everyone else when they visit your restaurant: use Dynamic Currency Conversion to show the final bill in their own currencies and ensure there are no surprises on their statements when they get home.

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