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Payments Optimisation

Maximise online sales and minimise fraud

with Transaction Risk Analysis

Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) better protects cardholders from online fraud, but inevitably introduces friction into the consumer journey. If your business has a high volume of low-risk transactions, Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) can enable you to avail of acquirer SCA exemptions – and find the sweet spot between fraud risk-management and improving sales.

Enhance customer experiences

Optimise online payments

To tackle growing levels of online fraud, extra security checks in the form of SCA are part of the payments process. SCA reduces fraud rates but can also increase cart abandonment, as some cardholders bail out before they checkout.

Acquirer TRA facilitates SCA exemptions for low-risk online transactions up to €500, which means a frictionless checkout for cardholders and increased sales for your business.

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Enhance customer experiences

Protect your business from fraud

Performed in real time and with an instant response, TRA analyses transactions for abnormal spending or behavioural patterns, malware infection and any unusual features of the cardholder’s device, software access or location.

TRA is easy to implement as part of your existing eCommerce infrastructure, making the payment process simple and secure for your business and your customers.

Expand global reach

TRA options to suit your business

With Elavon TRA, we request SCA exemptions from the issuer on your business' behalf after Elavon's risk engine performs transaction risk analysis.

With Outsource TRA, you tell Elavon exactly which payments to flag for TRA exemption, using your own risk-rating tool. We then send your exemption requests to the issuer.

Take advantage of our security consultancy services to inform your decision-making and implement the best solution for your business.


How Elavon TRA works

Determine qualifying transactions

If an online transaction is deemed low risk and the payment-service provider (PSP) fraud rate is within certain thresholds, it can be exempted from the SCA process.

Analyse qualifying transactions

In these cases, Elavon’s TRA solution instantly tests for any abnormal spending, location, behavioural patterns and devices or software.

Provide frictionless payment

Once TRA is completed, cardholders can experience a frictionless checkout experience with exempted transactions sent straight to authorisation without the need for the SCA challenge.

Or choose to take control

Alternatively, with Outsource TRA from Elavon, you can tell us exactly which payments to flag for exemption by using your own risk-rating tool. 

* A soft decline is the request for the cardholder to authenticate themselves using 3-D Secure for transactions under €500. For countries using other currencies, value is up-to-date converted amount equivalent to €500 at the time of the transaction.

Optimise your payments with TRA.

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Get started

More than just a payments provider

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One-Stop Shop

Implementing TRA is easy, with straightforward fees and no unnecessary technical jargon. Let us handle setup and you’ll be ready to start providing secure, frictionless payments for your customers.

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Trusted Technology

TRA is part of a payment technology infrastructure trusted by over 1.3 million businesses worldwide. We’ll support your payments optimisation, with a 24/7 team that is always ready to help.

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Data Security

Like all Elavon services, TRA payments are protected by the highest standards of PCI data security to ensure your business and your customers’ information is always safe.

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