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 Data Security and Fraud Solutions

Protect online customers, secure your business

In a climate where more than 40% of businesses in Ireland have suffered a cyber attack [1] and compliance penalties can reach up to €20 million [2], offering secure payment services to your online customers is critical.

Our data-security products not only protect customer payment data, but help to deliver valuable customer confidence and increase brand appeal. Implement enhanced card authentication, end-to-end data encryption, fraud-prevention measures and more. Whatever the online payment method, we’ll help you create a flexible data-security solution that eliminates vulnerabilities and lets customers shop in safety.ards.

Secured by Elavon

Work with flexible, scalable security solutions and services to mitigate risk exposures and create safer online payment systems. 

Secured by Elavon is a range of Elavon data-security services reflecting the diverse needs of our eCommerce customers, from enterprise through to medium-sized and SME. Deploy your online payments solution with end-to-end encryption, PCI certification, risk assessment and access to ongoing data-security consultancy.  

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Cutting-edge security

EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) is the highest global standard of customer card authentication, utilising essential identifying information in a secure bank-focused verification process.

3DS delivers faster, smoother, more secure online payments for customers, with less compliance risk for your business. Customer identities are established with a range of fixed and contextual data, so that liability for the transaction is shifted from the merchant to the card issuer.

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Data-security consultancy

Dedicated, industry-leading data security expertise to help overcome challenges and secure and monitor your eCommerce solution. 

Access our data-security consultancy services to assist you with PCI DSS, GDPR and online data-security challenges when implementing payment innovations. Our bespoke data-security consultation services includes a complimentary data-security health check.

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Balance fraud prevention with sales conversion

Protect your eCommerce business from online fraud while reducing cart abandonment with Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA), which facilitates exemptions to Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) for transactions up to €500.

TRA analyses transactions in an instant for abnormal spending and any unusual features of the cardholder’s device, software access or location. Make best use of SCA exemptions and find the sweet spot between fraud risk-management and improving sales.

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Why choose Elavon?

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Our eCommerce security solutions are a comprehensive defence against cyber-criminals and give customers the confidence to purchase from you online. Build trust and engagement and broaden your online appeal in global markets.

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Future proofing

Prepare for the future: our eCommerce security software gives businesses the ongoing protection they need to integrate new software and technology and take advantage of emerging payment innovations.

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Take the pain out of compliance by implementing eCommerce solutions at the highest standards of PCI security. Anticipate regulatory changes and maintain ongoing compliance with scalable technology and round-the-clock support.  

More than just a payments provider

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One-stop shop

Deploy your eCommerce solution with built-in security. No complicated software installations or technical knowledge required: we’ll set up and install your online payment security quickly and efficiently. A one-stop shop with every payment protected.

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Trusted technology

Elavon security solutions are trusted by over 1.3 million businesses around the globe. We employ industry-leading technology to keep customers and businesses safe from threats, building confidence and peace of mind, and passing the benefits on to merchants.

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Data security

We’re dedicated to providing safe, secure payment processing and protecting customer and business data during every online transaction. Rely on round-the clock support and consult with an expert data-security consultant to improve your data-security position.