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Take payment by phone or mail

Maximise your sales potential with our Virtual Terminal. Designed for customers making card payments by phone or by mail, Virtual Terminal is hosted completely in-browser and doesn’t require specialised knowledge to install or operate. Start using the solution quickly and offer your phone and mail order customers a simple, secure payment experience.  

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Streamline payments and processing

With Virtual Terminal, you don’t need a physical terminal or even a physical store to do business. Our payment solution is quick and easy to implement: no need for hardware installation, extensive training or software integration.

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Control the payment process

Virtual Terminal allows you to manage all card-not-present payments from a single point of contact. Simply log in to the Virtual Terminal page and you’re good to go. Our support team will be on hand to offer help and insight whenever you need them.

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Scalability and support

The Virtual Terminal is built to scale with your business’ growth. Add users easily to your payment infrastructure - and take more calls as demand for your products and services increases. Your payment gateway can also be used to take online payments for even greater sales flexibility.

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More than just a payments provider

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One-Stop Shop

Start using your Virtual Terminal quickly and conveniently: no complicated price plans and no software or hardware installation required. We’re a one-stop-shop payments provider.

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Trusted Technology

Our payments technology is trusted by customers across the world. We offer an exceptional gateway reliability rate and process transactions in seconds, so you never have to wait on your payments.

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Data Security

Take payments with the peace of mind that your customers’ data is completely protected by cutting-edge fraud and cybersecurity measures. Our payment solutions are certified fully PCI DSS compliant

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