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Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

1800 995 085

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Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

1800 995 085

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Currency Solutions

Global customers, outstanding payments

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enables merchants to show international customers prices in their home currencies both online and in-person, and give them the option of paying in those currencies at current exchange rates. DCC builds security, transparency and convenience into your eCommerce and in-store offerings, making payments easier to understand for international customers and reducing the number of chargebacks for unrecognised transactions.

Global payment reach

Dynamic Currency Conversion is designed to open your business to the world, welcoming overseas customers online and in-person.

Available in over 80 currencies, DCC helps to increase transparency during currency conversion transactions so that international customers receive a smooth, seamless payment experience every time they shop with you. Even better: DCC generates a rebate for your business for each purchase.

Enhance customer experiences

Fast, simple, currency conversion

DCC is easy to implement as part of an existing eCommerce infrastructure, making the payment process fast and simple for both merchants and customers.

Online currency conversion takes place in seconds. No complicated calculations or undisclosed exchange rates: DCC displays prices clearly in both home and local currencies, shows the conversion rate, and shows commission applied on the transaction should the customer choose to convert.

Deliver outstanding experiences

DCC represents choice and flexibility, deepening the functionality of your eCommerce solution and increasing its appeal to a valuable customer demographic.

Customise your online DCC checkout with our developer tools and fine-tune the payment process for specific markets. Create an experience that engages international customers, wins repeat business, and generates added value for you in the form of a rebate.

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Celtic Manor
French Connection
HMS Host
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Z Hotels

How Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) works

Step 1

Serve overseas customers

When international customers pay for their purchases by card, in-store or online, DCC automatically detects their home currency, and offers them the choice of paying in the local currency or in their own.

Step 2

Display currency options

The transaction amount is displayed in both currencies either online or on the card terminals, along with the exchange rate and commission charge. Customers select their preferred currency and proceed to payment.

Step 3

Process payment

When the payment processes, customers are immediately issued with a receipt that displays the price that they paid in their home currency. They do not have to wait for that information to be revealed on their card statement.

Open your business to the world.

1800 995 085

Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

Get started

More than just a payments provider

one-stop shop icon

One-Stop Shop

Implementing DCC as part of your payment solution is easy. No complicated fees or technical jargon: let us handle installation and you’ll be ready to start converting prices for your customers right away.

Trusted Technology icon

Trusted Technology

DCC is part of a payment technology infrastructure trusted by over 1.3 million businesses worldwide. We’ll support your payment solution comprehensively, with a 24/7 team that is always ready to help.

security icon

Data Security

Like all Elavon services, DCC payments are protected by the highest standards of PCI data security to ensure your business and your customers’ information is always safe.

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