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Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal

Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal represent two additional ways to deepen your eCommerce offering and add protection for customers.

Generate secure URL links to your payment page and send them to customers via email or text or, alternatively, take orders by phone or mail and enter card details into our browser-based Virtual Terminal. Ideal for mail order and telephone businesses, or for legal, accountancy and trade services transaction needs, Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal represent secure, convenient online payment processes with valuable customer engagement opportunities for merchants seeking to expand their eCommerce presence.


Generate healthy cashflow

Generate healthy cashflow

Pay By Link is a convenient eCommerce tool that merchants can implement to give customers an alternative way to pay for goods and services online.

The Pay By Link process is simple. Once a customer has placed an order with you, simply use Pay By Link to generate a URL link to your payment page and send it to the customer to complete their transaction.

Virtual convenience

Virtual convenience

Like Pay By Link, Virtual Terminal builds eCommerce benefits into mail or phone orders (MOTO) by giving merchants a secure browser-based Virtual Terminal to use when they handle transactions.

Speedy and efficient for customers calling over the phone, Virtual Terminal is also convenient for merchants, adding security and fraud protection to every transaction.

Online flexibility and features

Online flexibility and features

Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal not only expand online payment options but deepen functionality with a range of useful features.

Customise payment links with logos, bespoke messaging and subject lines, and integrate currency conversion to make the payment process seamless for overseas customers. When customers use Pay By Link, you’ll also be able to check their payment status, send reminders and update details like expiration dates.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement

Pay By Link brings the point-of-sale to your customers’ homes, offices and events, opening up new eCommerce engagement possibilities and better transaction experiences tailored to their preferences.

Use your Pay By Link emails and messages to connect customers to marketing campaigns and promotions. Add consistency to the process by managing the look and feel of your Pay By Link templates and receipts.

Security and analysis

Security and analysis

Discrete and secure, Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal turn non-secure mail or telephone orders into fully authenticated eCommerce transactions, and protect merchants from most chargebacks. Both services are ideal for customers who may have privacy concerns about offline MOTO transactions.

Access Elavon Connect to receive payments data and reporting, and use that information to tailor your wider eCommerce offering.

How Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal work

Step 1:

Set up Pay By Link and customise look and feel of your email template: including message, link expiry and branding.

Step 2:

Send customers the payment URL via email or electronic invoice. The link takes customers directly to your secure payment page.

Step 3:

Customers enter their card details and complete the transaction. Merchants can check transaction statuses, see when settlement occurs or send reminder emails.

Step 1:

Set up Virtual Terminal within your web browser. Take your customers' orders over the phone or by mail, as you would usually.

Step 2:

When a customer is ready to pay, open the Virtual Terminal and enter their card details as they read them out.

Step 3:

Process the customer's payment using Virtual Terminal, with the benefit of full online security and fraud protection.

Get started with Pay By Link

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More than just a payments provider

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One-Stop Shop

Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal are easy to deploy as part of your eCommerce offering. We’ll help you set up and start using your solution quickly, and get you sending online payment links to customers in no time.

Trusted Technology icon

Trusted Technology

Elavon’s eCommerce products are built on a technology platform trusted by millions of global businesses. We’ll support your online payments solution at every step of the transaction process.

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Data Security

Pay By Link and Virtual Terminal are protected by the same high standard of security that we use in every payment product. Use 3DS 2 for customer authentication and protect card data with end-to-end encryption.

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