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Integrated payments solutions

Our partners need payment solutions that help them stand out in a crowded marketplace, delivering frictionless, connected experiences for their customers all over the world. Our agile and flexible approach to partnership gives you that competitive edge: we’ll work to help you integrate cutting-edge technology, minimise costs and create customised solutions for instant impact in any business setting.

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Growing your business with integrated payments solutions

Learn how partnering with Elavon to deliver seamless payment experiences to customers can help you grow your business. You can trust Elavon to make integration simple, deliver innovative solutions and provide expert support every step of the way.

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Fast, simple integration

Implement payment solutions for your customers quickly, seamlessly and cost efficiently. We integrate with a wide range of technical partners to ensure you’re able to accept all types of payments online, on mobile or in-store. Ensure your customers receive a simple, no-hassle onboarding process, while maximising your revenue opportunities with transparent, competitive pricing.

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Flexiblity all the way

From strategy and commercials to customised installations and customer service, we recognise that you and your customers have specific needs, which is why we take an agile, flexible approach to our partnership relationships. Whether it’s pricing, payment solutions or service features, we’ll help you go beyond your customers' expectations with every transaction.

Integrating better payments solutions



Poynt is an industry-leading smart POS system that connects the entire payment journey. Using intelligent network connectivity, Poynt makes taking payments anywhere simple and speedy, and features a wide range of tools and apps to help businesses work smarter.

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Give customers a speedy, secure and mobile payment experience in your new location. Smartlink lets you take the payment process to your customers by linking your till and our POS, and is ideal for bars, restaurants and cafés.

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Payment Gateways

Help customers take their businesses online by integrating our hosted payment gateways. Fast, secure and easy to implement, our eCommerce solutions offer exceptional reliability and speed, are customisable and can be integrated with existing web infrastructure seamlessly.

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Why partner with us?

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Partner Centric

However and wherever you need to integrate payments, Elavon is the only partner you need. Explore a high-performing, integrated global payments platform designed around your needs and the needs of your customers. Continued investment in our platform ensures our partners stay at the forefront of payment services and payment technology.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

We understand that competitive advantages are derived from being able to differentiate, so our payment solutions are customisable to your business’ preferences and ambitions. Go beyond your customers’ expectations with industry-leading payment technology, and make sure your offering always outpaces the competition.

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People First

Put people first at every stage of the payment process. Access the experience and expertise you need to deliver for your customers in every setting and ensure your solution is operating at the highest standards of satisfaction. Consult with dedicated relationship managers to ensure you’re always able to meet your business goals and realise your customers’ ambitions.



We’re committed to investing in payment innovation so that you can focus on optimising your customer proposition. Working together with our team of experts and technology developers, you’ll have access to the experience, expertise and insight you need to future-proof your payment solutions and stay ahead of the game.

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Quick and Simple

Our partners want payment solutions that can be implemented quickly, seamlessly and cost-efficiently in any business. We integrate with a wide range of technical partners to meet your changing needs, and ensure that your customers are always able to accept every type of payment easily - online, on mobile or in store. 

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Flexible Ways of Working

Give your customers the flexibility and responsiveness they expect from the payment process. Tailor your payment solutions to your customers’ needs and access dedicated support to fine-tune every step of their journey. Our partnerships are designed to help you manage payments effectively, no matter your customers’ needs.