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A partnership to keep you in front.

We don’t see partnerships as things that come out of boxes. We don’t see partnerships as one size solutions. Instead, our approach treats every partner uniquely, making sure you’re always in front of events, in front of competitors and most importantly in front of your, and our, customers. That’s how we grow our relationships, and how, together, our partnerships grow their businesses.

Our approach is built on five key pillars:

1.      Relationships that flourish

Our partnerships don’t start with us, but with you. We’ll always begin by listening so we can understand your ambitions and your business strategy. Then, by offering strategic support and insights, we can help you shape a plan for success. With over 25 years’ experience in the payments industry across Europe, we can help you to maximise your potential and stay in front of the pack.

Our platform, your solution.

By taking responsibility for managing your customers, we can remove any costs associated with additional support or management. And we’ll be there to help you get up to speed in the areas that matter, with:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Joint strategy and planning

You can control your own pricing, and you’ll have the possibility to create your own bundles.

Key to this will be your Relationship Manager. By working closely with you throughout our partnership, they’ll ensure that we’re always helping to shape your success. 

2.      Industry-leading solutions

In recent times, there has been a lot of change and more disruption to merchants than anyone could have predicted. And as consumer habits change, so merchants' expectations are changing too. Today’s merchants require simple, reliable solutions with transparent pricing and the flexibility to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings. 

With a wide portfolio of solutions to suit organisations of all sizes and all industries, our solutions are designed to be easily delivered and built upon by our partners. 

3.       Rich Integrations

To us, the future of payments is clear.  We see a world in which payments will become a seamless part of almost every consumer transaction and experience.  But that’s not something we’ll build alone. It’s going to take a whole ecosystem of creative, innovative partners!

Our role here is to create simple yet rich APIs that allow payments to be effortlessly built into the infrastructure of the modern world. We’ve invested a huge amount of time and effort to create APIs that allow our partners to easily build payment solutions into their platforms. 

If you’d like to find out more about how payments can be integrated into your service, device or platform, get in touch today. 

4.      Sales and marketing support 

The payments sector moves and evolves rapidly, with yesterday’s novelties quickly becoming the new normal. That’s why we work closely with our partners to help them stay in front of both customer needs and marketing trends. 

Whilst you’re the expert in your business, we understand that support is often needed when adding payments products to your portfolio, or even bundling them with your existing products or services.

Our partnering approach places a great emphasis on giving our partners the springboard they need to rapidly and successfully go to market. Here are just some of the ways that we can work with you to help ensure your success:

  • Advice and consulting on marketing strategies and approaches
  • Support with proposition development
  • Support in development of campaigns, content and sales assets
  • Access to our central library of collateral
  • Regulatory and market updates with the latest white papers 

5.       Self-service and reporting

Our ambition is to make our payments solution as simple to deliver and support as possible. Our goal is for you to feel in control of your business and your customers at all times. So what does that look like?

  • Easily on-board new customers with our digital boarding:
    • Setting up new merchants has never been as simple as with our digital boarding platform. New merchants can be live and taking payments in half a day. Digital boarding can be as simple as a url link from your website, or can be started during a live conversation with a customer.
  • Instant self-service for your reporting needs:
    • As a partner you’ll have a direct access to your reporting and analytics.
    • View your portfolio of merchants to see how they’re performing.
  • World-class support for your customers:
    • Handy video tutorials outlining how to fix common problems or issues.
    • Access to the Elavon Connect portal for your merchants to view their account details, reports and statements. 

Over the years we’re proud to have developed a proven and successful formula that’s delivered huge success and growth for a number of payments resellers and partners across Europe. 

Sectors we’re disrupting

retail icon


From boutique stores and independent retailers through to international chains and ecommerce sites, our solutions can meet the different needs of almost every retailer. Our simple payments solutions offer great value and ease for smaller retailers, but as needs grow, we’re able to offer full POS solutions ourselves as well as integrating with the leading solutions and platforms used across Europe.

Independent Sales Organisations (ISO)


From check-in to check-out and everything in between, our payment platforms are used by international hotel chains, family B&Bs and tourist attractions. As well as offering a variety of ways to pay online and face-to-face, our platform also offers a range of currency services that can help hotels better serve their international customers.

pen icon


From accountants to plumbers, the ability to take payments in any situation is critical to maintaining cash flow. Service businesses prefer Elavon’s solutions because they make accepting payments simple and seamless. Whether that’s paying by clicking a link in an email, over the phone or face-to-face, our solutions meet all needs.

Independent Sales Organisations (ISO)


No matter how far from home they may roam, travellers expect their payments to be fast, convenient, reliable and safe. Our solutions for the transportation sector help smooth the travel experience. The integration of contactless payments reduces ticket purchase queues, improves station flow and speeds up journey times.

Becoming a payments partner

public sector icon

Financial Institutions

As the go-to-acquirer for European banks and financial institutions, we understand how to deliver payment solutions for every type of banking partner. Drawing on extensive industry experience and support, we’ll help you build a tailored solution that emphasises your customers’ needs and enhances your reputation.

Independent Sales Organisations (ISO)

Independent Sales Organisations (ISO)

Engage customers and drive business’ growth with a range of smart, secure, multi-channel payment solutions designed for ISOs. Join a thriving community of over 20 UK ISO partners and explore the brilliant service, industry-leading acquiring and technical support that powers payments in every setting, in every part of the world.

Integrated Payments Solutions (IPS)

Integrated Payments Solutions (IPS)

Deliver frictionless, connected payment experiences for your customers, wherever and however they do business. Our technology is designed to help you address the unique challenges that businesses face, and ensure you stand out from the crowd in a competitive payment landscape. 


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