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When transactions are disputed by a cardholder or issuer, merchants may face a costly chargeback process. We understand how troublesome chargebacks can be and we work to help merchants manage and avoid chargebacks for in person and card-not-present mail, phone, and online transactions. Our chargeback guidance emphasises card scheme compliance and customer confidence: rely on us to help you prepare for and overcome chargeback challenges without compromising your customers' shopping experiences. 

Chargeback Guide

The chargeback process involves numerous important compliance requirements that merchants must understand in order to avoid incurring extra costs. Our guide is designed to reduce chargeback hassle and costs, and help merchants prepare for every step of the process - from disclosing refund policies to handling requests for receipts. 

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Chargeback FAQs

The chargeback process can be complicated and daunting. To help you understand your responsibilities and those of the card issuers and banks, we've put together a set of chargeback Frequently Asked Questions, including explanations of terminology and scenarios.

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Chargeback Cycle

Understanding the chargeback process is crucial to achieving satisfactory outcomes for you and your customers. Every card scheme has its own chargeback cycle so we've put together a guide to each so that you know what to expect as you move through their various phases.

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Airlines face a unique set of chargeback challenges: high rates of cancellation and other service challenges mean that merchants must focus on compliance when accepting payments. Read our airline chargeback guidance to ensure that your business is protected from unnecessary chargeback costs.

Create a Elavon Secure Email account

Before you can send and receive secure email messages with Elavon, you must first create your Elavon Secure Email account.


Ensure your hotel business is prepared for a range of chargeback challenges including international payment disputes. Our hotel chargeback guidance sets out your responsibilities, including how to disclose your cancellation policy properly, and focuses on customer experiences. 

Covid-19 Related Chargebacks

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a range of new chargeback challenges for merchants all over the world. To help you handle Covid-19-related chargebacks we've collected the most up-to-date information and advice.

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