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Accessing your statements and reports is simple and easy with Elavon Connect, your online reporting tool that brings all your payments information into one place, at no extra cost to you.

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FAQ’s  for navigating Elavon Connect and managing your account

  • You can access your statements through the Elavon Connect merchant portal. Click ‘Your Statements’ in the navigation menu on the left of your dashboard to view and download available statements. For more information to help you better understand your statements, check out our statement guide here

  • If you are having trouble accessing your Elavon Connect account or if you have forgotten your password, go to the Elavon Connect login page. Look beneath the ‘Sign In’ button and click the link that says ‘Forgot password?’. This will take you to a password recovery page.

    If you are still having trouble recovering your password, check your email ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder to see if the reset email has been routed there. If you still have not received a reset email, check to make sure that the email address you are using is the same one you used to register with. If you registered with an email address that you no longer have access to or have additional questions about this process, contact our support team at

  • Registering for Elavon Connect is easy. 

    To complete the registration process, you will need:

    • Merchant ID (you can find your MID in your ‘Welcome’ email from Elavon. It is also shown in the upper right corner of your statement.)
    • Last four digits of your deposit bank account number

    Go to Elavon Connect registration page here.  


    Complete the short form, providing your contact details and the information listed above. When you’ve completed the form, click ‘Create Account’.

    Check your email. Soon after completing the form, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete your account set-up. 


    Issues with registration?

    If you have completed the registration form but are not receiving the emails, check your email ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder in case the email has been routed there. If you have not received a registration email within 24 hours, contact our support team at

    Please note that if you are an Enterprise customer or a partner, your Relationship Manager will set up your Elavon Connect account for you. Please check in with them if you have not yet received access.

    1. Select Your Reports  on the left hand navigation menu, and scroll to Batches Submitted.  

    2. The default filter is set to ‘Last 3 days’ but you can use the drop-down menu to choose your own filter criteria. 

    3. Click the ‘Show results’ button.

    4. Locate the batch in question from the list to confirm that it has gone through. If you do not see the batch on the list and it has been 24 hours, contact customer support.  

    Customer Support IE: 1850202120

    1. All your Recent Payment Activity is displayed on your dashboard.

    2. If your payment activity has been in the last month, your last payment amount will be visible.

    3. You may also select Previous Payment and Earlier Payment options.

    4. The amount will be displayed showing currency and date. 

    5. Clicking on amount will bring you to Payment List report of the funded amount.

    6. From the Payment List report you can drill down to many other reports, including batch or transaction reports.

    1. Select Your Reports on the left-hand navigation menu and scroll to Payments List.  

    2. Click the ‘Show results’ button to see yesterday’s payment or use the search filters available in the drop-down menu to select your preferred criteria. Then click the ‘Show results’ button. 

    3. You can also select any fields within the report for more payment details:

    • By clicking on payment reference number, you get a payment details report 

    • By clicking on Batch information you get a Batches funded list

  • Are you set up as gross settled or net credit (this is dependent on your agreement with Elavon).

    Gross settled

    You receive the full settlement amount and your fee is deducted after the 15th calendar day of the month for UK and 18th calendar day of each month for Ireland.

    1. Select Your Reports on the left hand navigation menu, and scroll to Batches Submitted.  Click the ‘Show results’ to display your last batch submitted or  

    2. Use the filters available to refine your search and click the ‘Show results’ button to display your results.

    Net Credit

    You receive your settlement amount with your fee deducted from the first payment of the month.

    1. Select Your Reports on the left hand navigation menu, and scroll to Batches Submitted.  Click the ‘Show results’ button to display your last batch submitted or use the filters available to refine your search and then click ‘Show results’ to display your results. 

    2. Fees are taken only from the first payment of the month, which usually corresponds to the last batch of the previous month.

    3. You will identify fees deducted in batches where you see a difference between the batch and the payment.

  • You can use the forms in Elavon Connect to update your business address, change your business name and bank account details. You can also use these forms to request a copy of your contract or to request closure of your account.* 

    These forms can be accessed within the Elavon Connect dashboard:

    1. Click ‘Your Account’ from the left-hand menu of your dashboard.

    2. From the dropdown list, select ‘Business Locations’. Click the ‘Show results’ button.

    3. Use the ‘Location’ dropdown to select the MID your location is listed under. 

    4. In the bottom box, you’ll see the locations that meet your filter criteria. Click the pencil icon to the right of the location you want to make changes to and select the action you want to take. 

    * If you don’t see these options available on your navigation, please contact your Relationship Manager for updates. Partners and Enterprise customers will not be able to make these changes through Elavon Connect.  

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