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talech delivers great service in the store and the back office too. See how talech has helped several retailers grow their business.

Good for Business. Great for Retail.

talech, in association with Elavon, enables you to take card payments, manage stock levels, check staff time-sheets and monitor their performance. With real-time reporting and actionable sales insights, talech will help you run your retail business better.

Hear what our customers are saying.

"I can see immediately what's popular and what isn't, so we can adjust our stock accordingly."

Naomi Keatley, Owner, Surround, Howth Ireland

For the full story, download the case study.

"To set up it was all very easy. All we had to do was upload our stock and categories and we were ready to go. talech has changed an awful lot in the back end of our business, it's helped out a huge amount. The talech system does everything we need. It's simple, straightforward and easy to use."


Mark, Owner, Jam Art Factory, Dublin Ireland

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Call us today on 1800 995 085 to book a free demo, and see how talech and Elavon can support every aspect of running your business, so you can concentrate on delivering the best possible service to your customers.

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Monitor Inventory

Create bar codes and scan in products, monitor your stock and set up re-order alerts

Employee Management

Manage employee timesheets, clock in, set access and permissions across multiple location

Remote Support

Account set up, training and ongoing 24/7 online and phone support

Maximise Your Margins

Track your best sellers, create automatic discounts and manage pricing in real time

Customer Management

Create customer profiles, view past sales and order histories

Cash Drawer Management

Manage multiple cash drawers, track no sales, payouts, drops and pay-ins

The Elavon Advantage

Elavon, a leader in processing payments for more than 20 years, leverages the world’s best technologies for its customers. Consistently rated among the top five global payment providers, Elavon offers powerful solutions for all payment types and processing environments, for businesses of all sizes. Backed by the strength and stability of U.S. Bank, Elavon delivers flexible, secure solutions, all backed by our dedication to customer service.

* talech International provides the talech point of sale solution. You must download the talech application and agree to talech’s end user license agreement in order to access and use the talech solution.

** Use of the talech point of sale solution bundle requires internet access.

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