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talech™ point of sale for restaurants and cafés

Manage your restaurant, your time and your payments with talech™. Spend less time on paperwork so you can spend more time connecting with your customers.

Evolve your dining experience

talech™ point of sale

Licence from
of charge

Starter licence priceFree

Standard licence price€49.99

Premium licence price€69.99

Additional licence pricefrom €24.99

talech™ point of sale

Suitable for

  • Restaurant
  • Café
  • Quick service
  • Bars
  • Order management and kitchen printing
  • Table and seating layout
  • Menu management and real-time inventory tracking
  • Streamline your ordering flow with bundles, modifiers, and variations.
  • Manage floorplans, seating and tables with Table Layout
  • Set up automatic discounts, issue and manage gift cards with ease
  • Customise your menu with variations, add-ons and exclusions
  • Real-time menu changes, synched immediately with all stations
  • Assign courses and dispatch tickets to multiple printers with a few taps
  • Created a customized, integrated microsite with online ordering feature
  • Adjust tips and split bills by table position
  • Apply taxes and services charges based on pre-set rules
  • Offer email, SMS, or printed receipts

Seamless Sync

Manage orders across multiple devices in real-time. Run your business even when the internet goes down. Sign in, take orders and take cash payments when you're offline.



talech's open platform works with a range of hardware options - allowing you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business.



The talech POS system is integrated with several platforms in order to help the smooth and efficient running of your business. From accounting and employee management to multiple integrations with key platforms, tasks that were once time-consuming and vulnerable to error can now happen quickly, accurately and securely.


Safe & Secure

With contactless and digital wallets, and end-to-end encryption, your customer data is protected by the latest authentication technology.

Union Pay
Diners Club
Apple Pay
Google Pay

With our new EPOS payments system, you’ll never miss a beat

The Elavon EPOS system will help you cut queues, banish mistakes, keep tabs on transactions and much more – keeping you and your business in perfect harmony.

  • All in one solution with point-of-sale software and hardware
  • Accept safe and secure payments
  • Money in your account the next day
  • All wrapped up for you in our Business Control plan.

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Monday to Friday

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24/7 Technical Support

Elavon point of sale (card terminal) support is 24/7, 7 days a week. Call 0818 20 21 20

Ready to get started? We are too.

1800 995 085 Request callback

Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm


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