The easy, effective way to manage your payments.
Our online reporting tool gives you full visibility of your transactions across all of the cards you accept - giving you insight into your customers’ behaviour, your standard transaction profile and any trends that occur.

Payment Information Online, Anytime

No matter what sort of business you operate, how large an organisation you manage, or how sophisticated the accounting infrastructure you use, access to critical payments information is important to your financial success. The key is having the right information when you need it, so you can make adjustments, deal with unexpected issues, and better manage the costs of card acceptance. Whether you require a convenient tool for a single location, powerful reporting across your business, or a fully customisable payment analysis solution, Elavon provides information that’s meets all these requirements.

Manage All Payment Activity

Elavon’s reporting solutions are designed to provide you with timely, critical information such as details regarding transactions, batches, deposits, exceptions, credits, retrievals, and interchange qualification categories. Flexibility allows you to analyse data for a single day, over a range of dates, and at one or all of your organisation’s locations.
Reporting options.

iMerchantConnect offers a variety of reporting options that are updated daily and provide a snapshot of the electronic payment activity that impacts your bottom line.

Statement and funding reports

  • View at-a-glance summaries of the items that financially impact your bank account, including deposits, chargebacks, and other charges.

Settlement & batch reports

  • This report provides summaries of daily batch settlement and transaction detail for all card types processed through Elavon.

Chargeback & retrieval reports

  • Analyse details about existing chargebacks, and get ahead of retrieval requests before they turn into new, costly chargebacks.

Interchange qualification reports

  • Minimise processing expenses by understanding how your transactions are qualifying.