Payment Acceptance

Accepting a wider range of cards can both increase revenue opportunities and reduce processing costs.

Every day, more than 1.3 million customers across the globe rely on Elavon to process billions of transactions. Our goal is to ensure you have the card payment options and flexibility to help your business grow.

With a range of competitive card payment solutions, you can easily offer your customers another way to pay for goods and services. You’ll also benefit from an improved cash flow, and have more time on your hands with fewer trips to the bank to pay in cash and cheques.

We have relationships with all major credit and debit card companies and broadening your scope of payment options makes your service or product more readily available to potential customers. 

With Elavon, you can say ‘Yes’ to:

MasterCard® and Visa®

Visa® and MasterCard® are the largest credit and debit card organisations worldwide. Their cards can be used across the globe for cashless payments for goods and services. They can also be used for online shopping and for telephone or written orders. Customers can also use them to withdraw money at an ATM.

American Express®

American Express® is among the industry giants and positioned as a premium brand. Accordingly, their cardholders are affluent customers. Elavon offers you the opportunity to upgrade your card acceptance with a supplemental agreement for American Express®.

Diners Club® Card and Discover® Card (Discover Global Network®)

As the third largest card network in the world with 185 countries, many travellers heading to the UK and Ireland carry cards from the Discover Global Network®.  As well as personal and corporate Diners Club International® cards from around the globe, the network includes US-issued Discover® cards, Korean BC Global® cards, Serbian DinaCards®, and Indian RuPay® cards.

Activate Diners Club Card® at your terminal and you’ll automatically have the ability to accept all these card types, which means your business could benefit from overseas shoppers – and average transaction values of up to twice as much, compared to other cards.

UnionPay International®

Europe is one of the most popular travel and shopping destinations for the Chinese, with 4 million cardholders forecasted to travel here in the next two years (source UnionPay International 2013). And their preferred method of payment abroad is a UnionPay® card due to no currency exchange fees and often larger limits.

Take advantage of the spending power of the growing number of Chinese tourists, students and business travelers. When you display your UnionPay signage, cardholders will know their card will be accepted at your business, 

Japanese Credit Bureau® (JCB)

64 million people around the world use JCB® and more than 16 million businesses currently accept this credit card as a means of payment.  JCB® is held primarily by cardholders in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore as well as in the United States.

New Payment Technologies

Our solutions are ready to address and support the challenges of fast moving consumer environments by adopting the latest technologies such as contactless, Near Field Communications (NFC) and mobile wallets.