Offering gift cards is a brilliant way for your business to reach new customers, build existing customer loyalty and drive revenue. It's also a tangible reminder of your brand, keeping your business front of mind.

As well as selling them as gifts, you can also use them to build brand loyalty, as a thank you, an apology, a reminder, or as a really basic ‘value add’ to customers. Most gift card transactions are higher than the value of the gift card because customers like to feel they have fully redeemed their gift.

It’s easy to manage a branded gift card programme from your Elavon point-of-sale terminal.

  • You can customize you card design and order from a minimum of 300 cards
  • Simply email customerservice@savvyconnects.com  with your order and design specification, and you will have them delivered to you in 2 weeks.
  • We will download our gift card app to your point of sale terminal which will allow you to sell and redeem your gift cards.

You can enjoy the benefits of offering a gift card programme to your customers.

  • Electronic cards retain 100% of purchased value to your business
  • Entry level fees start at just €10 per month and 40 cent per transaction
  • With paper certificates, if the customer does not spend the full value, you will probably have to give change, which may not  be spent in your store
  • The gift card sale price is deducted from the card and the balance can be used later in your business
  • Customers using gift cards can often spend more than the value of the card
  • Customers do not always spend the full value on the card – extra income for you
  • Cards can also be used as a replacement for cash on some merchandise returns, ensuring that the refund money is spent in your business
  • Upgrade options available for extra benefits
  • Track payments with our Online Reporting tool
  •  Order your terminal rolls and supplies online from Elavon Consumables

Some other options available to help your business

  • Allow international Visa® and MasterCard® cardholders the choice to pay in their own currency using Dynamic Currency Conversion rather than the local currency
  • Recognise cardholders who are eligible for international tax refunds by offering Tax Free Shopping
  • No need to worry about compliance with Secured by Elavon
  • Accept Payments Online via your website or by phone
  • Turns your Smartphone or tablet into a mobile payment terminal with MobileMerchant

*Source: State of the Nation ‘17, UK Gift Card & Voucher Association

60% of consumers say they’ve been introduced to a new brand through a gift card and 17.7% have become regular customers as a result.*

72.1% of consumers spend more than the value on a gift card, in fact, an average of 55% more.*