Secure Phone and Mail Order Payments

Take secure payments over the phone and process mail orders with our web based payment system.

Our Virtual Terminal helps you process debit and credit card payments over the phone, mail order or by email, with a secure webpage that processes transactions quickly.

User Friendly

Our online screen is very easy to use and simplifies the process of taking payments over the phone or email ensuring you don't lose sales.

Verify Payments Instantly

You can validate card details in real-time, enabling you to close sales over the phone or by email instantly.

Secure Card Processing

Sensitive card details are securely captured and transmitted via our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant environment. Your sales staff can also securely set up automated regular weekly or monthly payments.

Reporting Capability

You will have full visibility and reconciliation on every transaction with our online reporting tool.

Scalable To Your Needs

Our Virtual Terminal scales to your business - supporting as many users as you need to optimise your sales over the phone and by email.

Simple Setup

No technical set up needed, just a secure login to a web-based solution.